Who are the fastest players in the Barcelona team!

5 fastest Barcelona players! Who are the 5 fastest Barcelona players?

Barcelona rely on a lot of quick passes and chemistry to achieve their targets. A vital component which ties it together for them is speed. With the influx of new signings this window, the team look faster than ever! But who are the fastest of them all? Do you know the 5 fastest Barcelona players? Where do you think the 5 fastest Barcelona players measure up? Watch & Bet Football Here =>

5 fastest Barcelona players-Check out the 5 fastest Barcelona players!

5 fastest Barcelona players
fastest Barcelona players

 Jordi Alba- 5 Fastest Barcelona players

5 fastest Barcelona players

Alba had joined as a left winger and rose from adolescence into his present position, however he wasn’t constantly a Barca player. He displayed splendid footwork and outstanding development abilities since the beginning, yet his short size hurt him more than most, which prompted his exchange from Barcelona to UE Cornelia, at that point on to Valencia.

In any case, Alba would no sooner come back to his underlying foundations in 2012. As perhaps the quickest player in Barcelona history, yet still, a player in the group right up ’til today, Alba won the second Copa del Rey in 2016, demonstrating of his value as well as of his speed, too. His scoring goal in the 97th moment of that game, which was a go from Messi himself, depicts his Barca blood more so than most need to accept.

The Catalan left-back is nearly identical to his colleague Dani Alves in terms of defence and offensive quickness. Alba, on the other hand, is a speedier player overall than the Brazilian.

Alba’s quickness running at opponents is the most thrilling aspect of his game. He can be depended on to beat most opponents, yet he never appears to be caught out of position in defence.

Jordi has the ability to catch any opponents he is defending against.

Dani Alves- 5 Fastest Barcelona players

5 fastest Barcelona players

When Alves joined Barcelona in 2008, much about him and his earlier profession was quickly made a dream of the past when his introduction run made them play in the UEFA Champions League against Wisla Krakow.

In spite of being exchanged to Juventus in 2016, Alves is still generally known as Barca’s essential footman for a long time, and probably the quickest player in Barcelona history. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

While the entire arrangement with his exchange from Barcelona appeared to be somewhat peculiar, since it mostly revolves around an odd video Alves posted subsequent to losing in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.

Him, alongside Messi and a couple of other Barca partners, will perpetually be recognized as the main players to be a piece of both treble-winning groups.

Alves’ defensive speed is accompanied by attacking ability. When the Brazilian attacks today, supporters are treated to a spectacle. He uses his speed to outpace opponents and cross into the box for teammates.

There haven’t been many players in Barcelona history who have come close to catching Dani Alves.

Adama Traoré- 5 Fastest Barcelona players

5 fastest Barcelona players

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Adama Traoré has rejoined FC Barcelona. Adama, who is of Malian heritage but was born in Hospitalet de Llobregat on January 25, 1996, entered the Barça youth system when he was eight years old and was always thought to have a good future. 

Adama Traore was unstoppable against Atletico Madrid on his second Barcelona debut, with his individual highlights making for incredible viewing. 

The pace this individual has is unreal, specially when you look at the size on him. Adama represents attack speed and power. He is regarded as one of Europe’s top dribblers, and he can play from either wing. He had clocked a top speed of 22.1 M/hr !!

Adama is so fast, that players try to latch on to him to slow the speeding vessel down and as a result the Winger has adapted to putting baby oil on himself during games.


Ousmane Dembele- 5 Fastest Barcelona players

5 fastest Barcelona players

The French youngster was brought from Borussia Dortmund in Germany. He impressed with the German club really well.

Ousmane Dembélé is technically skilled and endowed with exceptional dribbling talents, but he also has pace to burn, as proven by his 34 km/h best speed in the UEFA Champions League this season.

The Frenchman not only has quick feet, but he also has a quick head, making judgments even when his opponents haven’t completely realised he has the ball.

Dembele, once regarded as one of the top prospects in French football, has seen his status plummet as a result of his inability to avoid injury. The Barcelona attacker, who is still only 23, has time to recapture his best form and prove his detractors wrong.

After a string of injuries, Barcelona star Ousmane Dembele has finally begun to play more consistently this season. When in form, the Frenchman is one of Barcelona’s most brilliant players and also one of the most dynamic strikers. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang- 5 Fastest Barcelona players

Fastest Barcelona players

During his time at Dortmund and, to a lesser extent, Arsenal, Aubameyang had developed into one of Europe’s best attackers. In front of goal, the Gabonese international has shown excellent consistency and devastating talent.
Aubameyang’s ability to beat his marker to the ball is one of his most trusted talents. This skill absolutely amazes, especially for a true striker like him. However, he has used his pace to great advantage while scoring a plethora of goals for both club and country.
Aubameyang’s top speed of 35.5 km/h makes him one of the League’s quickest players, and the striker has exploited his speed to his advantage, racing defenders and scoring goals.

Fastest Barcelona players
Top 5


That brings us to an end of our list of 5 fastest Barcelona players


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  1. This is wrong. Opta clocked Rudiger the fastest at 35.19km/h. The fastest is Sane who did 35.48km/h during when they played us in September


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