Who are the fastest players in the Barcelona team!

5 fastest Barcelona players! Who are the 5 fastest Barcelona players?

Do you know the 5 fastest Barcelona players? Where do you think the 5 fastest Barcelona players are now?

5 fastest Barcelona players

Check out the 5 fastest Barcelona players!

Jordi Alba

A brought up Barca player from his young ages, Alba had joined the young positions as a left winger and rose from adolescence into his present position, however he wasn’t constantly a Barca player. He displayed splendid footwork and outstanding development abilities since the beginning, yet his short size hurt him more than most, which prompted his exchange from Barcelona to UE Cornelia, at that point on to Valencia.

In any case, Alba would no sooner come back to his underlying foundations in 2012. As perhaps the quickest player in Barcelona history, yet still, a player in the group right up ’til today, Alba won the second Copa del Rey in 2016, demonstrating of his value as well as of his speed, too. His scoring goal in the 97th moment of that game, which was a go from Messi himself, depicts his Barca blood more so than most need to accept.

Dani Alves

When Alves joined Barcelona in 2008, much about him and his earlier profession was quickly made a dream of the past when his introduction run made them play in the UEFA Champions League against Wisla Krakow. In spite of being exchanged to Juventus in 2016, Alves is still generally known as Barca’s essential footman for a long time, and probably the quickest player in Barcelona history.

While the entire arrangement with his exchange from Barcelona appeared to be somewhat peculiar, since it mostly revolves around an odd video Alves posted subsequent to losing in the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. Him, alongside Messi and a couple of other Barca partners, will perpetually be recognized as the main players to be a piece of both treble-winning groups.


Starting his career in Brazil, the spot of his introduction to the world, Neymar played under the Santos rudder for the majority of his football life, until 2013. From that point on, he’s been perhaps the quickest player in Barcelona history, breaking records effortlessly, scoring without a consideration, and becoming well known in the chronicles of soccer history.

5 fastest Barcelona players

Ousmane Dembele: Fastest Barcelona players

The French youngster was brought from Borussia Dortmund in Germany. He impressed with the German club really well. However, at that time Barcelona had little idea of what they were getting.

Barcelona had recently sold Neymar and so had earned a lot of money from the Brazilian’s well documented move to Paris. The whole world knew about the world record money PSG had paid Barcelona to secure Neymar’s services.

It made every club demand an unreasonably high amount of money from Barcelona since the Catalans had revealed the strength of their wallet. What added to the situation was that the player was not someone who could either be easily replaced or someone Barcelona had a back-up player for.

So Barcelona had to go in search of a generational talent. And it was Ousmane Dembele at that point most people were betting their money on. He was young and taking apart the Bundesliga in a team which like Barcelona loved passing the ball around.

He was brought in and in three seasons has failed miserably. There has been unfortunate injuries but he has not taken care of his body either. He has repeatedly been called out and exposed by the media for clubbing late, sleeping late, going out too much, missing training, coming late for training almost on a daily basis.

He has a bad attitude towards football as well as he is not driven or ambitious to be the best in the money. Barcelona had paid a record fee, their highest in fact to land the French winger. Now seeing the roadblock that he is, the Catalans will desperately want to lighten the load and take him off their books.

However, he is the fastest player in the team right now!


For a long time, 1993-1995, Romario de Souza was an adored Barca striker, scoring more than 50 objectives during his profession there, and was regularly portrayed as a “comic book player.” He’s likewise perhaps the quickest player in Barcelona history, being a piece of the incredible “Dream Team,” notwithstanding winning the 1994 class. Romario would likewise be named Player of the Tournament playing for Brazil in the FIFA World Cup.

Giving Barca a name to deal with, Romario clearly demonstrated to be an important resource in the group, and will stay one of their most prized competitors for a long time to come.

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  1. This is wrong. Opta clocked Rudiger the fastest at 35.19km/h. The fastest is Sane who did 35.48km/h during when they played us in September


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