Top 5 most aggressive Barcelona players: Aggressive Barcelona players ever!

Top Five most aggressive Barcelona players?

The most aggressive Barcelona players ever? Do you want to know who the most aggressive Barcelona players were and are currently? Here we are going to look at the Top five most aggressive Barcelona players ever! Players like Luis Suarez and Zlatan Ibrahimovic should come to mind when you think of aggressive Barcelona players. But which other Barcelona players were tough as nails? Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Top 5 most aggressive Barcelona players

Top 5 Barcelona most aggressive players

Here we will look at the most aggressive Barcelona players ever. This will be done based on purely their character and their playing style.

So here are the Top Five most aggressive Barcelona players ever!

1. Diego Maradona

Maradona was directly involved in at the 1984 Copa del Rey final at the Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid against Athletic Bilbao.

Goikoetxea tackled him toughly, which had hurt his leg. Moreoever, he received racist comments by Bilbao fans about his father’s native american history. Maradona then snapped. He went to Sola out of sheer agitation and faced him. Sola further went on to taunt Maradona by using xenophobic terms by talking to the fans. Maradona then headbutted Sola, elbowed another Bilbao player in the face and kneed another player in the head, taking him unconscious.

The Bilbao squad encompassed Maradona to correct some requital with Goikoetxea interfacing with a high kick to his chest, before the remainder of the Barcelona squad participate to help Maradona. Starting here, Barcelona and Bilbao players fought on the field with Maradona in the focal point of the activity, kicking and punching anybody in a Bilbao shirt.

The mass fight was happened before the Spanish King Juan Carlos and a crowd of people of 100,000 fans inside the arena, and the greater part of Spain viewing on TV. After fans started tossing strong items on the field at the players, mentors and even picture takers, sixty individuals were harmed, with the occurrence viably fixing Maradona’s exchange out of the club in what was his last game in a Barcelona shirt. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

2. Ronaldinho

Ronaldo was at his physical top at Barcelona, and huge numbers of his 47 goals included him adjusting the goalkeeper before opening the ball into the net. Óscar García, Ronaldo’s partner that season, expressed, “In those days, he was all fiber and muscle. He was an ideal physical example. Such unbelievable influence coordinated to his specialized aptitudes could make him relentless.

Atletico Madrid’s Quinton Fortune expressed, “I saw him after the match finished, and that’s the nearest I was to Ronaldo on the night. As a kid, I wanted to be Pelé. I bought all the books, all the videos and I studied what it could be like to be the best. I set off on that path. Then I met Ronaldo. Some players were technical, some were quick, some were strong, some were smart…Ronaldo was all of those. He was a beast; it was unfair to everyone else.”

3. Samuel Eto’o

Eto’o withdrew Mallorca as the club’s record-breaking driving household class scorer (54 goals) when he marked for Barcelona in the late spring of 2004 for an exchange charge of €24 million, after long, three-path arrangements with Mallorca and Madrid. At first, Real Madrid President Florentino Pérez needed to repurchase the full move rights and credit him out once more, yet in the long run the Barcelona bargain demonstrated rewarding enough to warrant a deal. Moreover, the group previously had its full quantity of three non-EU players.

Eto’o made his Barcelona debut in the season opener at Racing de Santander on 29 August 2004. After Barcelona won the 2004–05 La Liga title, the group sorted out a bubbly gathering in the Camp Nou, during which Eto’o lectured the fans reciting, “Madrid, cabrón, saluda al campeón” (English for, “Madrid, bastards, salute the champions”).

The Royal Spanish Football Federation fined Eto’o €12,000 for his remarks, for which he later apologized. He communicated lament and requested pardoning from Real Madrid, his first expert group. The leader of the Real Madrid fan club organization stayed neutral, be that as it may, expressing, “This character is an awesome player, however he leaves a great deal to be wanted as a person.” He marked an improved agreement with Barcelona in June 2005. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Top 5 most aggressive Barcelona players: Aggressive Barcelona players ever!

Ibrahimović was banned for three matches in the wake of being demonstrated a red card in a 1–1 home draw against Bari in March 2011 for punching Bari defender Marco Rossi in the stomach. An extra three-coordinate boycott was given to Ibrahimović in February 2012 out of a 2–1 home thrashing against Fiorentina for swearing at an associate ref. Ibrahimović expressed with all due respect that he was conversing with himself in disappointment.

Following Barcelona’s semi-last annihilation to Inter Milan in the Champions League, Ibrahimović talked about how he went up against his mentor Pep Guardiola in the evolving room.

“I yelled: ‘You haven’t got any balls!’ and worse than that I added: ‘You can go to hell!’ I completely lost it, and you might have expected Guardiola to say a few words in response, but he’s a spineless coward. He just […] left, never to mention it again, not a word”. Definitely aggressive enough! Watch & Bet Football Here =>

1. Luis Suarez

Top 5 most aggressive Barcelona players: Aggressive Barcelona players ever!

Suarez easily tops the list here. He has quietened down a piece since his transition to Barcelona, however his capricious nature implies that he appears to be a handle away from something rash.

While others appear to utilize their elbows, feet, arms and heads to do harm, Suarez has been among a reasonable not many to have been condemned for biting another person on a football pitch – thrice.

Having been gotten for gnawing Ottman Bakkal while at Ajax, he proceeded to chomp Branislav Ivanovic and afterward Giorgio Chiellini while with Uruguay.

His totally constant nature to win the ball back is the thing that each director couldn’t want anything more than to find in their players, however the drawback with the previous Liverpool man is that his abhorrent demeanor shows signs of improvement of him.

Altogether, Luis Suarez has missed 39 games because of bans looked from biting players – just about a whole season worth of matches. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Aggressive player last season – Sergio Busquets

Aggressive player current season - Sergio Busquets

Sergio Busquets arguably is one of the best players in his position and had enormous influence at Barcelona over the years. There are only a few players that can boast such technical and tactical excellence and is irreplaceable at Camp Nou.

He has been a fairly aggressive defender and one of the best in the world in ground duels. Even Pep Guardiola once said Busquets was the world’s best defensive midfielder. The more you watch him, the more he impresses. Watch & Bet Football Here =>

Top 5 most aggressive Barcelona players

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