Alves finds a solution for Barcelona to help Messi

Lionel Messi has possibly seen the best and worst of Barcelona. 

The gargantuan footballer, who is probably the best ever to play the game has seen fortune turn terribly in the last decade. The introduction of Messi to world football began in an exotic fashion as a Pep-designed Barca won every trophy in demolition style from 2008-2012 – a team which many call the best ever. 

And now a decade later, Messi finds himself struggling to keep the team together to score a goal let alone win trophies. 

His former teammate and a member from the successful days at Barcelona has now pointed out what has gone wrong for the club and how Messi can be helped. Listen to Dani Alves now. 

“Lionel Messi is a born winner. He does not like to lose. When he loses, it is normal that he gets angry; he wants to win always, just like me.”, said the ex-Barça full-back.

“Messi has spent many years in Barça and has lived through many things and knows perfectly what the team needs to win.”, Alves added.

“He needs to be accompanied. I always say that Messi was the main man, and we were the additions around him back then. Now it feels like he is driving the car himself always.”, added the São Paulo defender.

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