Arthur pens an emotional farewell message

The departure of Arthur is a perfect example of the malfunctioning system at the club led by President Josep Maria Bartomeu. 

In a desperate attempt to win his election he needs to balance his books after wasting money galore and reportedly creating financial scandals at the club. Bartomeu hence, in all his wisdom sold one of the club’s best young and promising players in Arthur. 

The deal was even more shocking since the player had publicly made it clear on multiple occasions that he wants to stay at Barcelona. It was not to happen as a shrewd and unfit Bartomeu saw that he sold whoever he needed to keep his own greed satisfied. 

Now the player has penned an emotional farewell to the club:

“Saying goodbye is always difficult, even more so [because I am] leaving behind a place that has become my home,” Arthur said in a video posted on Twitter.

“An incredible city, that will remain forever in my heart. Where everyone received me as another Catalan, showed me a new culture, helped me to grow as a player and, especially, as a person.

“I am leaving a group of brilliant players. I’m very lucky to have played alongside them and, most of all, I am grateful for their support as good people with huge hearts.

“The crowd won me over from the first day, made me proud to play for them and to wear one of the greatest shirts in the world.

“They showed me care and respect that I will never forget.

“Today is the day to say goodbye, but I am taking everything with me in my heart forever.”

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