Barca President Slams VAR in La Liga

Barca president Josep Bartomeu has called out the dysfunctional VAR in La Liga.

He comments that the way VAR was managed was favoured more for Real Madrid than for Barcelona.

“Even though we didn’t win LaLiga, which would have been spectacular because it would have been nine out of 12 after eight out of 11 which was already a record, we have to look forward,” Bartomeu told Mundo Deportivo.

“There was a rival, Madrid, who beat us, but it’s also true that the management of VAR was not the most adequate in this final stretch of LaLiga and the best league in the world deserves a VAR at its level.”

However, he didnt want to address the issue much when asked whether VAR was directly responsible for Barcelona’s defeats: “I don’t want to say that.

“The referees have been self-critical. It’s good that they admit [mistakes]. Of course there will be errors, but VAR isn’t up to the standard of LaLiga.

“[The problem] is the way it’s managed. VAR is a very powerful tool and in the same or similar situations, there have been different decisions in different games. Refereeing has improved, but there is some way to go.”

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