Barcelona defender Gerard Pique slams 'worst Real Madrid ever faced'
© Bildbyrån

Gerard Pique has publicly criticized Real Madrid as they beat Barcelona 2-0 to return to the top of the La Liga table on Wednesday evening.

“Real Madrid in the first half was the worst Madrid I’ve faced at the Bernabeu,” Pique told reporters as quoted by Marca. “We missed a chance to hurt them. We have to play better than we did in the second half, though. We lost balls and they grew in confidence.

“The feeling they [Madrid] transmitted was the worst, and I don’t say it as a criticism, I’ve seen. We all have problems in our clubs. But I have the feeling that it’s an important missed opportunity. We are not at our best either, I say we lost the opportunity to move away in the table. We had full control of the game.

“In the second half, we let them grow by losing the ball and then they scored; then a second one. It is a missed opportunity. In the first half, if we had taken advantage of several chances, we would have had the edge over them on the scoreboard.”


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