Barcelona has lost its one true identity

Former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell believes Barcelona has become too many things. 

And in the process, the club has lost its true identity. 

The club got its most successful era of joy at the flag end of the last decade. It was from 2008-2012 in particular that in the Pep Guardiola era where Barcelona was considered not only the most successful club but also seen as the greatest team to play football ever. 

Success did not dry up immediately after with Neymar and Suarez’ additions also giving Barcelona joy in 2015-16. However, since then the club has lost its way under Josep Maria Bartomeu. 

They are nowhere near as good as they used be – appointing wrong coaches, big transfers gone wrong, Bartomeu’s scandals and Barcelona’s general game has suffered and silverware has considerably dried up. 

So what does the former Barcelona president Rosell think?

“As an entity, we have to evolve towards a ‘mas club’ model,” Rosell told Sport.

“Barca is too many things. You have to sit down and analyze in-depth if you really need the professional sections, the amateurs, the Foundation…

“If we don’t, we will lose rope. We cannot cover everything, and everything that is not football causes us to lose competitive capacity with the big clubs in Europe, who are only dedicated to football.

“You have to sit down, discuss it, explain it in an assembly, and, if necessary, hold a referendum. Someone has to dare to do it.

“I know it is uncomfortable. The easy thing is to use cheap demagoguery and attack this debate, but it has to be done.”

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