Barcelona is in financial ruins - Freixa

Barcelona presidential candidate Toni Freixa has called out other presidential candidates.

He believes the other candidates are lying about their promises as the club is in a critical condition financially.

Freixa told Marca: “It is a critical situation resulting from negligent management and a pandemic. We are at a time where we are risking it. We must prevent interests outside the club, which are those who are playing in these elections by silencing lies and promoting candidates sponsored by outsiders, from taking over the club.

“There are candidates who continually lie. They lie by saying they have a person that they really don’t have. And there are media outlets that publish it as if it were true. This happens because there are hidden interests. The press is interested in certain candidates winning.

“There are third party interests in controlling the club. It is time that we tell the members that the club is ours and warn them of the danger of Barcelona falling into the hands of third parties.”

Former president Bartomeu who was in charge for a long time has financially ruined the club after buying players left, right and centre without much thought.

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