Barcelona players who took drugs

Top 3 Barcelona players who took drugs

Barcelona players who took drugs? Here we look at the top Barcelona players who have taken drugs in the past. Which Barcelona players have failed drugs tests? Here we find out the Barcelona players who took drugs in the past.

Football is a tough sport and if a player isn’t feeling up to the high demands of their fitness and physicality, then some players have taken to drugs to help them perform. Performance enhancing drugs have been banned for a long time now and drugs tests are performed routinely for top level athletes and footballers.

While other professional footballers have taken illegal drugs such as cocaine for recreational use. Footballers have a lot of money and when they want something, they get it. So some players have indulged in drugs use for pleasure. These recreational illegal drugs are obviously also banned. So which Barcelona players have taken drugs and been caught? Here we find out.

Top Barcelona players who took drugs

Pep Guardiola – Barcelona players who took drugs

Pep Guardiola retired from football as a legend and turned into a coach. He captained Barcelona. However, in 2001, something had happened that could have possibly threatened his career.

After his successful playing career with Barcelona, Pep moved to Brescia in Serie A in Italy in 2001. Only a few months later he tested for the steroid nandrolone similarly like Jaap Stam. Like Stam, he protested his innocence only to receive a four-match ban and a €50,000 fine. Guardiola was furious with what he saw as the tarnishing of his reputation and campaigned against the ban long after he had left the Italian club. He was finally cleared of all charges in 2009.

It was affirmed that following a 5-0 destruction to Lazio, the 30-year-old had tried positive for the restricted steroid nandrolone. There had likewise been a hint of the substance in his framework following a game against Piacenza a fortnight prior. Various understood players, including Edgar Davids and Jaap Stam, additionally gave positive tests when the new century rolled over and like Guardiola fought their guiltlessness.

Guardiola absolutely had some prominent individuals that were happy to safeguard him, including Real Madrid chief Fernando Hierro, who stated: “I trust in his guiltlessness and his genuineness as a sportsman.”

By the by, he was prohibited from football for four months and on bid in 2005, Guardiola was really given a seven-month suspended prison sentence by a court in Brescia. Much after his retirement, Guardiola, alongside his dear companion and previous water polo player Manuel Estiarte, kept on battling the decision.

It was in 2007 that Estiarte found changes in the World Anti-Doping Agency’s rules, which expressed that a few competitors normally produced a specific measure of nandrolone – something that Guardiola’s legitimate group had demanded was the situation as far back as the bombed tests.Along these lines, it was in the October of that year when responsible for Barcelona B that the Brescia Court of Appeal excused Guardiola from the failed drug test and allowed him to resume playing.

Deco – Barcelona players who took drugs

Deco arrived at Barcelona as a former Barcelona star with a glowing reputation as one of the best playmakers in the world. But his reputation was tarnished after not only failing to impress at Barcelona, but also for failing a drug test test after his Barcelona career.

Deco failed a drugs test in Brazil where he was playing for Fluminense.

The former Portugal international tested positive for a banned substance-a diuretic furosemide. The drug is on Fifa’s prohibited list as it can be used to hide performance-enhancing substances.

The previous Portugal universal had tried positive for the restricted diuretic furosemide following Fluminense’s success over Boavista on 30 March, 2013. The medication is on Fifa’s disallowed rundown as it very well may be utilized to conceal execution upgrading substances.

The then 35-year-old’s legal counselors had given an announcement asserting the prohibited substance was distinctly in his body as he had taken defiled nutrients, which he purchased from a drug store. Fluminense have declined to remark until the aftereffects of a B test are discharged on Friday.

Deco made more than 50 appearances for Barcelona and is one of only a few players to have won the Champions League twice; once with Porto in 2004 and Barcelona in 2006.

Diego Maradona – Barcelona players who took drugs

Diego Maradona had an infamous history with drugs – and we’re talking cocaine. Although one of the best Barcelona players ever, Maradona was known to be addicted to cocaine. Not that people knew it openly, but there were rumours although somehow Maradona managed to pass all drug tests. Until 1994, when it at last got up to speed with him at the global celebration during the 1994 World Cup.

After netting a ball when playing against Greece, Diego Maradona – then 34 years old – went a little mad with his celebration. He was pumped up, excited and exhilarated – a bit more than normal. It pretty much looked like he had gone mad – with big eyes going to pop out anytime. Soon, within that time period, he was sent for a drug test. And sure, his results tested positive for ephedrine doping and hence, was banned from playing.

“Maradona must have taken a cocktail of drugs because the five identified substances are not found in one medicine,” said Michel d’Hooghe, a doctor and member of FIFA’s executive committee.

In 2014, he said: “I gave my opponents a big advantage due to my illness. Do you know the player I could have been if I hadn’t taken drugs?”

“I am 53 going on 78 because my life hasn’t been normal. I’ve lived 80 [years] with the life I’ve gone through.”

He was further arrested in Buenos Aires when he caught moving 500 grams of cocaine.

However, he didn’t just give in. Of course he wasn’t going to tarnish his reputation this way. Till the present day, he still insists that the ephedrine found in his system was from a drink he used to have from South America – called Rip Fuel. It has certain ingredients which were apparently banned from North America, so he uses that as an excuse. What do you think though, is he lying or not?

Barcelona players who took drugs are not many and they should not be! We are a big club. However, Barcelona players who took drugs do exist. So it is sad to know. For me amongst Barcelona players who took drugs, Maradona was not a shocker. However, Barcelona players who took drugs is a list where i did not expect to see Pep. To see Guardiola amongst Barcelona players who took drugs is a shocking truth.

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