Joan Laporta publicly backs Xavi after Champions League exit

Every summer transfer window, Barcelona welcomes new players into the team in an effort to bolster it, but it’s also critical for certain players to go. Facilitating player departures will once again be a top focus for the club this summer in order to prevent overbooking in the squad and make sure the pay cap does not become a problem.

Players with a high market value and those who had difficulty getting into the game the previous season are among the candidates to go. Given this, Oriol Romeu’s possible sale makes sense given how tough it was for him to get a starting spot the previous season.

Joan Laporta spills the tea in club’s media interview

Significant editing was done to the Joan Laporta interview before it was broadcast on the club’s official media, which had an influence on many news reports. As to Catalunya Ràdio’s ‘Barça Reservat’ podcast, the editing was carried out upon realising that the president was disclosing material that was not yet prepared for public release due to many reasons.

Laporta brought up Oriol Romeu’s desire to leave Barcelona at one point in the conversation. Since it was thought to be too sensitive, a more generic statement about players wishing to leave without naming individual players was broadcast in its place.

The information provided in this podcast, which is hosted by journalist Laia Tudel, indicates that the final interview that the club’s media released omitted three significant disclosures made by Laporta.

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