Barcelona release statement on VAR after El Classico defeat

Barcelona released an official statement after a controversial penalty was awarded to Real Madrid in the El Clasico.

Real Madrid was awarded a controversial penalty in Saturday’s El Clasico and Barcelona has released an official statement claiming that VAR was used against them.

Referee Juan Martinez Munuera gave Real Madrid a penalty insisting that Clement Lenglet held onto Ramos’ shirt which then Ramos converted and put his side 2-1 up.

In a statement, Barcelona said: “The Board reiterates its confidence in VAR as a technology to assist referees with their work but, at the same time, expresses its absolute disagreement with regard to the criteria used for its application and interpretation in recent months.

“The Board considers that, in the cases of identical or very similar game situations, VAR has not upheld the essential criteria of ethics and fairness, which has had a serious negative impact on FC Barcelona and has benefitted its most direct opponents.”

Ronaldo Koeman spoke after the game claiming VAR was “only used against Barca”: “We do not agree, it was not a penalty for me. I hope one day I can have the VAR issue in Spain explained to me.

“We are five games in and VAR has only ever been used against Barca. Neither Messi’s penalty against Sevilla nor the two red card fouls against Getafe.

“Why is VAR only used against Barca? VAR can be great, but for all the teams.

“I haven’t spoken to Lenglet but I did see the move. It was a foul by Ramos on Lenglet. Then Lenglet grabbed Ramos, but not to pull him back, in any case he should have fallen forward, not back. Once again, it’s not a penalty for me.

“It’s normal for the Madrid players to pressure the referee, I have no problem with that. The referee and VAR made that decision in a key moment of the game.”


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