Barcelona transfers January 2020 players sold

Who all are in the Barcelona transfers January 2020.

Barcelona transfers January 2020? The club will definitely want to sell and buy in the winter window. However, due to FFP, they need to sell first. So who will go out in the Barcelona transfers January 2020? Who are the players who will not stay at Barcelona after Barcelona transfers January 2020? Do you want any player to stay during the Barcelona transfers January 2020 sell-out?

Check out the 3 player who we think will leave during the Barcelona transfers January 2020

Barcelona transfers January 2020!

Ousmane Dembele

The French youngster was brought from Borussia Dortmund in Germany. He impressed with the German club really well. However, at that time Barcelona had little idea of what they were getting.

Barcelona had recently sold Neymar and so had earned a lot of money from the Brazilian’s well documented move to Paris. The whole world knew about the world record money PSG had paid Barcelona to secure Neymar’s services.

It made every club demand an unreasonably high amount of money from Barcelona since the Catalans had revealed the strength of their wallet. What added to the situation was that the player was not someone who could either be easily replaced or someone Barcelona had a back-up player for.

So Barcelona had to go in search of a generational talent. And it was Ousmane Dembele at that point most people were betting their money on. He was young and taking apart the Bundesliga in a team which like Barcelona loved passing the ball around.

He was brought in and in three seasons has failed miserably. There has been unfortunate injuries but he has not taken care of his body either. He has repeatedly been called out and exposed by the media for clubbing late, sleeping late, going out too much, missing training, coming late for training almost on a daily basis.

He has a bad attitude towards football as well as he is not driven or ambitious to be the best in the money. Barcelona had paid a record fee, their highest in fact to land the French winger. Now seeing the roadblock that he is, the Catalans will desperately want to lighten the load and take him off their books.

They will want him gone come January but we do not see too many suitors for an ill disciplined player like Dembele.

Philippe Coutinho

He has almost left Barcelona. He like Ousmane Dembele was partly brought in with the money Barcelona had earned from selling Neymar. He was believed to be a double strategy player as someone who could play on the wing also like Neymar and also fill in the Iniesta role in the middle once the legend retired.

Barcelona transfers January 2020

However, Coutinho’s spell at Barcelona was one of doom. He never worked for Barcelona despite being a talented and hard working player. The main reason was that Barcelona made a tactical error by playing him in the wings. He is a pure number 10 who likes the ball in his feet and to coordinate and string attacks together rather than play a lonely dribbling winger.

His positional awareness and vision through the center is one of the best in the world but Ernesto Valverde in all his wisdom pushed the Brazilian to the wings. It was a sad move to see such a great player fail at a big club.

He obviously never replaced Iniesta and was loaned out earlier this season to Bayern Munich. At Munich he played a little and was given the centre role and was shining. However, new boss at Bayern has again benched him which might mean that his loan might not work out.

Even if it fails, we do not see Coutinho returning to Barcelona to warm the bench. He wants to play and the player will probably go off somewhere else where his talent is not misused.

Arturo Vidal

This will probably go down as one of the bizzare signings in the game. Barcelona are a team who love to pass the ball around. Vidal is an all action player. He does not have the patience to keep the ball  moving and wait for the right time and opportunity to strike.

He likes to take risks and go all in on Barcelona. Vidal scores goals and creates and tackles and everything but at a pace much faster than that of Barcelona. He like his Barca team-mates does not respect position much on the pitch and moves about based on intuition.

Both are correct but should never be mixed and matched. Barcelona star Vidal is probably a joker in the deck that should never have been bought. It is a failed move. It will always be. It was always bound to be.

If anything, this move signifies the failure of Valverde’s reign at Barcelona as he still keeps using Vidal but loaned off Coutinho.

He should definitely be sold in January as the player and the club are both too good to get into a toxic mismatch like this.

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