Barcelona want to launch their own cryptocurrency confirms Laporta

Barcelona to launch cryptocurrency to help the club survive financially.

The Catalan giants has refused to partner up with multiple cryptocurrency giants as the club wants to launch their own digital currency.

The club will also launch their own NFTs that will eventually help the club’s finances.

At the Mobile World Congress, club president Joan Laporta reveals that the club will soon launch NFTs and their own digital currency in the crypto market.

“We’re developing our own metaverse, [which is why] we rejected the chance to be associated with any cryptocurrency enterprises,” Laporta said as part of a wider presentation.

“We want to create our own cryptocurrency and we have to do that ourselves. We are different because we survive financially from what we can generate through the industry of sport.

“We do not have big corporations or shareholders behind us. That forces us to be imaginative, innovative, brave and be a step ahead in many areas that surround the sports industry.”


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