Barcelona will look to sign Yannick Carrasco from Atletico this summer

As part of the deal that saw Memphis Depay join the Rojiblancos in January, it has been widely rumoured that Barcelona obtained a preferential option to sign Atletico Madrid winger Yannick Carrasco in the summer transfer window.

The price that was agreed upon by the two teams has been the subject of conflicting reports, with some sites claiming it was €15 million and others saying it was €20 million. Even some publications have stated that it is close to €9 million. However, the core of the issue is that Barcelona is reportedly unwilling to pay the initial €15–20 million cost agreed upon for Carrasco and does not want to provide more than €9–10 million for his services.

But as of late, a new rumour from MARCA’s David G. Medina asserts that Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have agreed to sell Carrasco for €19 million. And if the Catalans want to sign him this summer, the Rojiblancos will demand that it be paid in full. Carrasco attempted to arrange a transfer to Barça during the actual January window with the help of his agent, Pini Zahavi. The athlete was eager to join Spotify Camp Nou, where Xavi Hernandez and his coaching staff were also enthusiastic about having him join them.

Atletico Madrid, however, insisted on their position and declined to approve a departure. According to the report, a deal was eventually reached for Barcelona to sign him in the summer, with the transfer cost set at €19 million.

As previously stated, Barça has no intention of paying that fee because Carrasco will soon be approaching the final year of his contract. According to rumours, the La Liga’s top clubs will attempt to negotiate a cheaper transfer cost for the Belgian international.

Atletico Madrid, however, has made it clear that they will only settle for the €19 million sum that was originally agreed upon in January and that they feel is a more than fair price for Carrasco. The 29-year-old has seven goals and four assists in 38 games this season. There have been discussions about a potential trade involving Carrasco and Ferran Torres, although Barcelona would not benefit from such a transaction. It will be interesting to watch how they go about signing the Belgian winger in the summer.

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