Bartomeu Believes Messi Shall End Career With Barca

Barcelona club President Josep Bartomeu insists that Messi will end his footballing career with none other than the Blaugrana.

It’s true that Messi owes a lot to the Catalan club and it is his childhood club. So far, he has never transferred to any other club and always played with Barcelona.

“We’ve spoken, we are speaking and we will continue to speak with Messi,” Bartomeu told TV3.  

“He wants to finish his career here, we will definitely renew with him, I am in no doubt that he will stay here.” 

Now, at the age of 33, there are speculations that Messi shall be leaving soon – maybe with Juventus trying to place a bid on him.

However, along with Bartomeu, even Luis Garcia believes that he shall be with the club until the year 2025.

“Why not? The way he is playing, adapting his style to the game is impressive,” Garcia told La Liga.

“Every year he shows us something different but keeps up the same amount of goals, of assists. Even getting more every year!

“He’s adapting, he doesn’t spend so much time up front because he knows it’s harder, so he drops a little more.  He shows why he’s so intelligent. He adapts his game to what the team needs in every game. 

“I could see him playing in 2025, easily!”

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