Bartomeu finally finds backing from ex-Barcelona president Gaspart

The reign of Josep Maria Bartomeu at Barcelona has been a chaotic one.

The president has lost hopes of getting a re-election with Messi publicly stating his grievances with the boss, but now it seems a motion of no-confidence will be passed against him as well which will see him get thrown out of office earlier.

With the movement gathering massive motion, Bartomeu has finally found support from old president Joan Gaspart.

“Bartomeu does not deserve that we throw him out, that we say ‘go away’. I personally believe that the vote of no confidence is not going to win, despite the many firms that have supported it,” he said. “But I am sure that those who have not spoken, out of a mass of 100,000 members, if they do so on the day of the vote, if it is finally carried out, they will not support the vote of no confidence.

“And once it is not achieved, I will launch a question into the air: why has it been done, what have we won? If we start the League, we start well, winning, the partners will think that things have been done well. The 2-8 (against Bayern Munich) hurt us, yes, but that does not mark the history of Barça, nor the best player in history. Nor did it score an 11-0 at the Bernabéu, which did not make the president leave… ”

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