Bartomeu insists Barcelona is a 'happy place'

Josep Maria Bartomeu was a jubilant man yesterday after his club’s futsal team won the Futsal Champions League final beating Murcia 2-1 in the final.

“We [Barcelona fans] have started the season with a lot of hope and good results,” Bartomeu told Esport3. “In football, we have a young and enthusiastic team that will give us a lot of joy. In basketball we have also started with good results, as in women’s football.”

“I am happy and the smile I have now is the one that all Barcelona fans should have at this moment,” he said. “A Champions League is a Champions League, and the players have deserved it after their effort. I want to thank the team for their work this season.”

The president is under fire after making a string of bad decisions. He has not only been condemned for making bad financial decisions, but also for spying on players, creating a feud with the club legend Messi, signing wrong managers and employees and creating a disruption in the accounts of the Barcelona books.

With the new election process edging closer, Bartomeu has a bigger threat on hand – of being impeached.

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