BEWARE: Messi reinspired by the return of football

Lionel Messi has been Barcelona’s main man for well over a decade now. 

The little Argentine broke into the first team as an underage teenager and took the world by storm. 

He has delivered time and time again. It did not affect his performance level but definitely took a toll on his motivation to keep playing the game he loves. 

However, the extended and unexpected break due to CoVID forced Messi into a break for three months and it reminded the world’s best footballer of how life would be without the game he loves. 

“Being away from the game has made me think,” he said in an Adidas video.

“I feel like any other player. I just want to play. And to play our game is a gift. To be supported by so many, even more so.

“To be able to inspire others, and be inspired. And maybe the greatest gift of all: to create joy for others.

“So, now the game has returned, I’m ready for its gift again.”

A tired Messi at the age of 32 was unstoppable this season in Spain and Europe. Now think of the same man who has had physical rest and mental refreshment. Beware, rivals. 

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