BREAKING: Luis Suarez Signs Agreement With Juventus

It’s confirmed. Luis Suarez is moving to Juventus.

The Uruguayan is set to join Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus after 6 years with the Catalan club, the second major player after Neymar to join him from Barcelona. Barcelona subsequently ‘punished’ Suarez by not letting him train with the rest of the team.

According to Spanish news arena Marca, Suarez has an agreement with the Serie A giants for two seasons.

Former Liverpool player Steven Gerrard spilled the beans about Suarez’s attitude in training during his time at Liverpool – an important insight to why he left Barcelona this time.

Speaking to  the BBC’s Match of the Day Top 10 podcast, Gerrard said: “A lot of strikers that we used to sign did have respect for the likes of Jamie Carragher and other names around the squad. But he (Luis Suarez) had no respect for anyone in training, in a good way.

“He’d be backing into them, he’d be leaving a bit in on them, he’d have elbows up and I’d be thinking that’s not normally what you’d see in training.

“You’d normally see a lot of respect but Luis would run through anyone and have a defender up the wall at any given moment.

“You knew straight away in days rather than weeks that he was going to be a top player for Liverpool.”

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