Carragher Has Doubts About Messi Improving Man City

Man City is leading the transfer race currently for Barcelona legend Lionel Messi.

However, Jamie Carragher believes that Messi won’t be able to make Man City the greatest team, as the Cityzens are hoping to become after signing him.

“I’d love to see Messi in the Premier League,” Jamie Carragher told Sky Sports. “I want to to watch him and I want to analyse him and look at him on Monday Night Football. The only place he can really go is Manchester City with the history he’s got with the manager and with the financial clout the club have got.

“I don’t think Liverpool will go anywhere near that situation from a financial point of view, number one, and also because of the way Liverpool play as well.

“They’re a lot more energetic than City, who play a more technical game which would suit Messi a bit more – but how you get that deal across the line I’m not sure. With the figures involved, it’s mind-boggling.

“But I want Messi in the Premier League, and if it has to be City, OK – I’ll take that one. If someone like Messi moves, there’s only two or three clubs he can go to.

“To me, it only looks like PSG or Man City he could end up at really. I want to see him in the Premier League. It would make Man City stronger but it wouldn’t make them unbeatable. Barcelona haven’t won the Champions League for a few years.

“Liverpool famously knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League a couple of seasons ago so it doesn’t mean it’s the end for everyone else – it just means it’s brilliant to have Messi in the Premier League. Fingers crossed it happens.”

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