Cole Recollects How Chelsea Overcame Messi

Ashley Cole has reminisced about the time Chelsea managed to stop Messi.

However, Cole admits that he wasn’t the only one involved in overcoming the Barcelona legend – it was the entire team.

“It wasn’t just me!” a smiling Cole stresses during an interview with Goal as part of the Nissan UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour.

“That’s been thrown about but the team effort was massive. When it came to stopping players like him, we had a great team understanding and togetherness at Chelsea.

“Our midfield was integral in that regard. It certainly wasn’t just me. I wasn’t blowing my trumpet there by pointing that out!”

Cole also revealed his favourite player.

While selecting Brazil player Cafu for his stamina, the former England international admits, “I thought I had a good engine but when I came up against him, I was left on my knees!

“I even later played against him in a charity game for David Beckham and I don’t know how old he was at the time but he still had the stamina he had at 20 or 25 years of age! He was non-stop, a machine,” he added.

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