Conte Rules Out Possibility Of Messi Joining Inter

Inter coach Antonio Conte has ruled out the possibility of Messi joining Inter.

In fact, Inter CEO Marotta said it first – about Messi coming to Inter as a “fantasy” scenario – and Conte backed him up. In an ideal world, of course Inter would love to have Messi over – but Conte has stated that there several reasons as to why Leo can’t come to their side.

“We are talking about fantasy football,” Marotta said. “[Signing Messi] is absolutely not our goal.

“There is no negotiation and I think he is focused on continuing with Barcelona.”

“I don’t think there’s a madman in the world who wouldn’t want Messi. But that kind of situation really is very, very, very far from Inter, from what we are doing and what we are trying to build.

“I think Marotta has already said: it is fantasy football,” Conte said. “At this moment, there are many reasons Messi cannot join Inter.”

“We need to create a solid base, and then maybe…I repeat, this is fantasy football; however, I like the fact that when fantasy football is involved, the team that is linked to it is always Inter.”

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