Dani Alves Trying To Make Neymar Return To Barcelona

Former Barcelona player Dani Alves admits that he has tried to convince Neymar to back to the Catalan club.

He says that Neymar can extend a hand to old teammate Messi and make the club great again.

“The only one I’ve tried to convince is Neymar to go to Barcelona,” Alves told Radio Catalunya.

“He had a very big offer from Real Madrid, and I told him that if he wanted to be happy he should come to Barcelona. It’s the only time I’ve ever convinced anyone of anything.

“If I were him, I would come back without thinking about it. I never think that people make mistakes when they make a decision.

“Everyone knows that Ney can help Barcelona, Messi and the club to become a giant again in La Liga, in Europe. Football is becoming more and more balanced. The team has 11 and with Messi you have 13. The team has 11 and with Neymar you have 13.”

However, Alves does not have any qualms about his decision to not move back to Camp Nou. “Things were being talked about, but nothing ever came of it,” Alves confirmed. “I’m not bitter, but they are.”

Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu had said earlier this month that his transfer back to Barcelona might not be possible.

“Such an operation is unlikely because the situation of all the clubs in Europe is very difficult,” Bartomeu told RAC 1.

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