Del Piero in awe of CL giant Messi

Juventus legend and Italian Alessandro del Piero has hailed Barcelona legend Lionel Messi.

Following Messi’s impressive goals against Napoli in the Champions League match, De Piero couldn’t stop himself from praising the world class striker.

“The big secret is in the number of teammates who touch the ball before him. The way he celebrates it shows how immersed he was in what he was doing. He knows he has done something special,” said Del Piero.

“In my opinion one of the great secrets that Messi has managed to exploit very well is to be able to rest on the wing and be fresh when the ball arrives. He is fresh because he walks a long time. When he reaches it, he has a potential of 100%.

“First he feints and takes two, then he goes through the middle taking advantage of the rebound. Get into a particular frame of mind because the ball stays there. From the ground he manages to get up.

“Then he returns to demonstrate his skill and imagination. He finds himself in a completely new situation, with an opponent in front. He manages to unbalance it by pretending to take the ball to the right, finally he falls and scores because he frees space at the far post.

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