Dest - The system contributes to my great form

Barcelona full back Sergino Dest has credited the new system for his great form.

The young full back was brought in from the Bundesliga and given the heavy task of settling in as a wing back at Catalonia, a club where ability with the ball is judged for all.

Dest has not only turned up equal to the task but is showing his ability really well.

“The system is really good, and I think it adapts well to the whole team,” Dest explained.

“I think it suits me better because I have a man behind me, and I’m a player who likes to take risks.

“That’s how I play at my best, we’re winning and scoring a lot of goals.”

“That is something which suits me very well,” Dest added.

“Personally. I’m very happy with the system and I think I can grow in this position.”

“I’m playing alongside the best, in training you can just watch him to see what he does, he’s incredible,” he continued.

“I try to learn from him, as well as my other teammates.

“Being next to the very best is good for my development and I think I’m in the right place to reach my potential.”

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