Emerson Royal finally opens up on his Barcelona exit.

Emerson Royal was hurt by the way Barcelona sold him.

The Brazilian defender joined Barcelona from Real Betis this summer and now he has been convinced to leave the Catalan giants after just two months.

The right-back was sold to Tottenham Hotspur on a five-year deal for around €25m.

“I thought the club wanted me to stay,” Emerson told Marca in an interview on Friday. “I started on Sunday against Getafe. Then, the next day I started to see a mountain of things came coming out. That Tottenham were talking with Barcelona, that it was almost done.

“I didn’t know anything. The club called me to the training ground and that is when I learned they wanted me to go.”

Emerson explained that the club’s financial situation is the reason for his sudden departure.

“The directors were all there, telling me the club’s situation wasn’t good, that they were going through a difficult moment and that it was best to accept the offer,” he said.

“I repeated that I wanted to stay because it was my dream to play for Barcelona. I knew I could succeed there if I was at my best. But I’m not stupid and we reached a moment where I realised they were telling me I was going whatever happened.


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