Eto'o talks: Messi and Pep and guess who he wants to be in the circuit till the age of 70!

Former Barcelona and Chelsea striker and an ex-teammate of Lionel Messi has made a pretty regular request to the Barcelona captain.

He has only asked the magician to keep playing football till the age of 70. Easy right? Why did he make such a request though?

He told Marca: “Leo is the best player in the world and the best of all time. I’d always pick the team asking Messi who he wanted next to him, in his team.

“Every team in the world wants Messi. Then, you have to give him support. He can’t run like a 25-year-old kid anymore, although he does sometimes.

“What we have to do as Barcelona fans is give him the best team in the world to keep enjoying him. He has to play until he’s 70 so that we can enjoy him more.”

Eto’o still holds a grudge against his former boss Pep however, and seems determined to not change his stance. 

“I stick to what I said, and I’m not the only person who has said it. My experience with Pep at Barcelona was what it was, but on a personal level it wasn’t what we hoped for.

“Many players have said the same about him. As a coach, Pep prepares games like nobody else. How he coached us in 2009 was incredible, his way of seeing attacking football, control, having the ball, rondos, Pep was the best at that.

“As a player, you had the feeling that you didn’t run much, although you did, because you were enjoying it. They are specific techniques for those of us who love good football.

“For me, football is feeling like you’re in a theatre, and seeing tiki-taka, passing the ball, it’s not the only way to win but it’s special. It’s Pep’s way.”

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