Font - Barcelona will regret not buying Garcia

Barcelona were set to sign Eric Garcia from Manchester City in the winter transfer window.

However, due to heavy financial problems, the candidates for the next presidential vote agreed that they would choose to wait for now. And so instead of shelling out money, they will sign the player in the summer for free instead.

But Font, one of the candidates, lamented: “This is one more example that proves that electoral politics have harmed Barça’s interests. I am sure that without this temporary situation Eric would already be a Barca player.

“He is not and everyone, candidates and fans, must regret it. What I wanted was for the team to be as competitive as possible. But the desire to sew confusion and discredit harms Barça’s interests.

“Here there is no transition season. If we are eliminated against PSG in the Champions League, it is €10 million that is gone. We had advised his recruitment. With the conditions set by City and the player’s desire to come to Barça, I wonder: why we haven’t recruited him?”

Barcelona are desperately short on defensive reinforcements of good quality and signing Garcia would have gone a long way to help them this season.

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