Font reveals plans to save Barcelona bankruptcy

Jose Font, one of the few presidential candidates for Barcelona has revealed how he plans to save the club from bankruptcy.

Font has said, in quotes that have been carried by Diario Sport: “Nothing that has been made public in recent hours has surprised us at all. We have been warning for a long time that this is reality and that is why it is essential to have a project.”

Font then continued, when outlining exactly how he would attempt to tackle the problems: “First of all, you have to have a team at the head of the institution that has proven experience in complex situations, similar to the one we have now – solvency in business management is a critical attribute at this time to lead Barça.

“We must urgently implement the crash plan we have defined and that has two parts: restructuring costs, ensuring the income statement for the income levels we currently have, and refinancing all the short-term debt to ensure that we avoid bankruptcy.

“In parallel, to implement the plan that we have worked on to ensure that we return to growth in the medium-long term and, together with a more appropriate management of expenses, we begin to generate surplus resources and cash from next season.”

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