Former agent explains how Messi could consider joining PSG

Former agent Josep Maria Minguella believes Messi wants to reunite with Neymar.

Messi would be a free agent by the end of this season and this would help Manchester City who are currently the frontrunners in getting his signature.

His former agent Minguella once represented the Argentine and was significant in bringing Messi to the Camp Nou.

“One thing is certain, Neymar’s best years in soccer, the moment when he was most fulfilled, was when he was at Leo’s side at Barça,” Minguella said.

“They won everything together, had a lot of fun and enjoyed themselves together on the field.

“Leo also wants to play again with Neymar. The desire is mutual. He has been trying to get Neymar back at Barça for several years. On several occasions, he has suggested it to his managers. There is a common will and desire to be teammates again because they are competitors. They know that they will have more opportunities to win titles by being together. But at the moment, there is nothing concrete.”

“For the moment, no one knows what he will do,” Minguella said.

“Not even him. Leo is not going to suggest or say anything until he is sure of himself. He had a very bad experience with his false start this summer and he doesn’t want to go through it again. My impression is that he feels very well in Barça and that he will wait for the result of the presidential election on January 24th. Depending on the new president’s sports project, he will decide whether to negotiate an extension or to go free.

“It is a possibility. There is Neymar, Di Maria, many Spanish-speaking players. But I think he hasn’t even thought about it today. His priority at the moment is to see if he can stay at Barça with a sports project that will bring the club back to the top of world soccer. One thing is certain, it will be him and only him who will decide whether or not to stay.”


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