Former Barca President Wants Pep Guardiola As Manager Again
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Former Barcelona president Joan Laporta has expressed to wish to run as the Catalan club President once again – and with Pep Guardiola as the manager.

Laporta wants Guardiola to come back and coach Barcelona. However, he knows that it’s ultimately up to Guardiola to make a decision to come back or not. 

“I’m working to present my presidential candidacy. I’m excited to continue working for the future of Barça. Barça’s problem is economical and image. The image of the club will have to be changed,” he said.

“I would very much like Guardiola to come back, but now he is at (Manchester) City and it is a decision that Pep should take.

With Manchester City taking a dip after their 3-year Champions League ban, many speculate that Pep Guardiola might take off soon and not stay for more than a season. If that happens, Laporta wishes him to come to the Catalan club.

“He is a benchmark for Barcelona and many Catalans would like him to train Barça again. At the right time, I will speak to the person we think should be a Barça coach from 2021.”

Laporta also spoke of Xavi becoming Barcelona’s manager sometime in the future, saying that “sooner or later he will end up training Barça”. However, he also added that“he must think if he is prepared to lead former teammates, which is not an easy thing.”

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