Freixa - Messi and co have to take wage cuts

Barcelona presidential candidate Freixa has called for players to take wage cuts in order to help the club survive.

The Catalan outfit are in a horrible situation at the moment with the club running without top management and in a financial breakdown.

Many experts have called for the club to declare bankruptcy. In such a situation, one of the candidates for the presidential race has called for all players to take a wage cut, particularly Lionel Messi who is on astronomical wages.

Freixa said: “Our candidacy has an upward trajectory and the other two, if they are not declining, are stagnant.

“Barça is the biggest club in the world and, despite the situation, we must be optimistic because it will move forward. But we are at a compromised moment that is given by two factors; a management that has mistaken the economic model and the pandemic.

“In 2010 we found a club with a very similar economic situation, because when there is another candidate who says that he will do it again, it may be better if he does not do it because there was no pandemic at that point. We managed to redirect the situation, reduce the debt and to win titles.

“We have a plan to reduce costs we will talk to all the players, especially Messi. He himself has already said that he is aware of the club’s situation and solutions must be sought until end of the pandemic.”

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