Frenkie de Jong explains his reason for staying at Barcelona

Frenkie de Jong wants to stay at Spain for the next decade.

The Dutch midfielder was linked with Manchester United all summer but he decided to stay put at Camp Nou despite financial setbacks at Barcelona.

He has nailed down a place in Xavi’s 11 after having doubts over his future.

De Jong said: “I am very happy in Barcelona. When I play it’s great and in terms of living here life is perfect. I see myself at Barcelona for as long as possible. I personally hope for another eight or 10 years.”

There has been a dispute over De Jong’s contract at Barcelona and the midfielder addressed the same in a pre-World Cup interview.

“One day a paper published details from my contract. I didn’t leak it and only one other party knew about this, so it had to be the club who did this. Suddenly there was a letter in which the question was asked whether my contract was still valid, because the previous president made the contract. I found it very annoying that the club did this, but I had no further influence on things.

“I blame these people [those at Barça who wanted him out], but I have nothing to do with them. Yes, they are Barça for me because they lead the club. But I don’t see them when I’m at the club. I have nothing to do with them in my daily life.”


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