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Gerard Pique would be holding a press conference via Twitch after the Barca match.

Gerard Pique has admitted no conflict of interest in Supercup deals.

After audio emerged early on Monday morning which recorded him in conversation with the President of the Spanish Football Federation, many questioned the role of Gerard Pique in the deal.

He announced ahead of Barcelona’s match that he would be holding a press conference via Twitch after the match.

He said, “Here, the only illegal thing is that they took some private audio and leaked it to the press, you don’t have to be very smart to know who is behind it. It’s news that came out in 2019. Look at the archives. And it wasn’t news. Now in 2022 they have leaked the audio and now it’s news,” Pique told around 120,000 people who had tuned in.

Gerard Pique also defended his ability to be impartial in the deal.

“I bring an opportunity to the Spanish Football Federation. Before changing the format, the competition made €120,000, after the movement they are making €40m.”

“I know how to separate what is a commercial agreement with what I have done all of my life which is play football. I haven’t received any help. If you’re telling me that the competition itself will be affected by a commercial agreement, then you have no idea who I am. It’s throwing **** for the sake of throwing ****.”

“In these three years you can see whether there has been any effect on the competition or if they have helped us to win when Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid won.”

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