Gerard Pique defends his Barcelona teammate Samuel Umtiti

Gerard Pique speaks out in defence of teammate Samuel Umtiti.

The French defender was regarded as one of the best defenders in the world until a few years ago.

He is currently one of the highest-paid players in Blaugrana and is refusing to take a pay cut or accept a move away from Camp Nou.

His injury problems have ruined his first-team chances and was recently booed in the warm-up this season.

Pique has finally spoken out in defense of the French defender.

“I am convinced that most of the people who whistle at him have been working in a company for 30 years and they don’t do anything and they know they can’t be fired,” Piqué said in defense of Umtiti while speaking on the radio.

“I know it’s difficult but you have to put yourself in the player’s shoes… people have every right to whistle, I’m not saying stop whistling, I say empathize and put themselves in the player’s shoes. If they want to whistle, let them whistle.“

“Another thing is who signs Umtiti’s contract. It’s renewed by a person who has been voted by the club’s members, in the end the members, and I do not blame them for anything, they have the responsibility of electing a president who renews player contracts. In this case, he renews it and it was a wise decision, because at that time everyone would have renewed it,” Piqué said.


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