Graeme Souness Feels Selling Coutinho To Barcelona Was Liverpool's Best Decision

Graeme Souness has commented on how good Philippe Coutinho’s transfer was for Liverpool.

By selling Coutinho, Liverpool got out enough cash to buy Salah and Virgil van Dijk. As of now, Coutinho is at Bayern Munich, loaned from Barcelona.

Speaking during the trophy party on Sky Sports, Souness said: “When you say what’s the most important signing, I think you can look back to when Liverpool went from a good team to a great team.

“They sold Coutinho and got £160 million or whatever it was, they got Alisson and they got Van Dijk and still had change left over. That’s got to be the best business this club has ever done.”

And Souness went on to say their arrival has helped the manager build one key aspect in their dominant run, adding: “The secret of consistency is driven by the manager.

“I never get fed up of saying this, you can’t be successful unless you have good senior pros. I think the senior pros are driving that consistency.

“’We can’t drop our standards’, as well as the manager. In terms of recruitment, it’s still the single biggest thing you have to get right at a football club.

“If you’re recruiting well, you’re getting leaders, you’re getting player who are talented, you get the right players in your club.

“That self-perpetuates itself to the marvellous team we have here. I seem to finish every sentence with ‘this team isn’t going anywhere, this team won’t be beaten for a while’.”

However, there is speculation around Philippe Coutinho making a Premier League comeback, with Arsenal considered the Barcelona midfielder for this summer transfer.

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