Griezmann's uncle not happy with Messi

Antoine Griezmann has not had a good time at Barcelona.

The French World Cup winner moved from Atletico Madrid to Barcelona back in 2018.

He was the main player in Atletico and he ended up being the side player at Barcelona with Lionel Messi calling the shots.

His uncle has now called out the Argentine for being lazy.

“[Griezmann] was convinced that he wasn’t going to be successful within the first six months, but what he didn’t expect was that it would last an entire year,” Griezmann’s uncle is quoted as saying.

“Besides, with Messi, I know what’s going on inside [the club] – it’s not easy.

“Basically, [Messi] doesn’t work hard enough at Barca and the training sessions are structured in order to please certain people, which is fine if you don’t want to work [as hard].

“Antoine needs to work, even though others don’t need as much effort to play well. He’s the other way around – he needs to put in a lot of effort for himself.”

Griezmann and Messi have not gotten along as is the popular opinion. However, with Messi’s contract ending in the summer of 2021, Griezmann could take over.

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