How coaching Barcelona is the best part of Setien's life

Barcelona is a club of dreams for many people in football. 

Footballers who get their chance to play for the club, wear the crest, or managers who coach the club they are all proud to be a part of the Barcelona heritage and culture.

Barcelona’s new boss Setien is another man who is delighted to have the Barcelona job. He has already previously expressed how lucky he counts himself to coach the likes of Messi and Suarez. However, now his son has added his weight to the whole story by admitting that coaching Barcelona is the delight of his life.

“I don’t know if it’s his dream but it is the delight of his life, that’s for sure. A joy like this I think he won’t have again in a long time. Fuck, training Messi, fuck, I saw them train yesterday and I was drooling,” said Setien. 

“He’s coaching the best. It’s Barca, everyone knows Messi, Suarez and the rest.”

Laro admitted his history. “As a kid i supported Real Madrid, but when I was very little. Then Messi arrived… and I became a Barca fan.”

We feel you Setien Junior!

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