How Neymar can seal Barcelona transfer

Are Barcelona interested in Neymar?

Is Neymar desperate to join them? The saga has rolled on and on since last summer. However, in the interim both parties have gone downhill. While Neymar has not stopped his party life and theatrics off the football pitch, Barcelona look like a club in crisis.

Neymar has yet again shown that he will turn up and dazzle but only when he wants to. Barcelona on the other hand are in a civil war. So how can this move finally go through and will it bring an end to the problems of both sides?

According to former Barcelona president Jordi Mestre, it has to start with Neymar apologising and changing his life.

“The players asked for him but didn’t pressure the club. I came off badly in that. If he had come back and the club had benefitted because of it, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I’m not that proud.

“On sporting terms he could come back but on a series of conditions. Firstly, PSG have to agree, then he would have to withdraw his lawsuit and acknowledge that he was in the wrong and after that, all the birthday parties in Brazil would have to stop.

“There were players from the first-team squad who were at a wedding with him but had no idea that he wanted to leave.”

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