Is Vidal inching closer to Inter Milan move

The curious case of Inter Milan’s chase for Arturo Vidal continues.

Vidal came into prominence while playing for Juventus where he established himself into one of the better midfielders in Europe.

His hard tackling, hard hitting, all action style of football made him one of the most dangerous midfielders to cope with. His transfer to Bayern Munich only saw his growth in stature as Vidal became a vital cog in the Munich side.

However, one never quite understood why Barcelona went for Vidal and got him after that. For starters, the power house midfielder whose game was based on relentless energy was getting old. 

Moreover, even more importantly for Barcelona, Vidal was never a player to suit the Barcelona one touch and pass football system. Vidal likes to have his freedom and not be positionally limited which is what is a must at Barcelona.

Now with the transfer window open, there has been plenty of talks of Vidal’s former Juve boss Antonio Conte searching for Vidal at Inter Milan. Milan are once again a team that would suit Vidal ideally and moreover get Barcelona also to let go of a player who does not suit them.

However, Valverde in all his brightness wants to hold on to a disruptive player for the Barcelona system. What are Barcelona playing at?

Vidal’s lastest post on Instagram captioned “Back Home” when training at Nou Camp would suggest that a move is still far far away.

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