IT'S OVER: Marotta rules out Martinez sale

Inter Milan CEO Marotta has ruled out the sale of Martinez once and for all. 

Barcelona were reportedly chasing the signature of the Argentine forward in an attempt to boost their front line. 

However, Martinez is contracted to Inter for a little while longer and Marotta believes the club has no reason to sell their best player. 

We’ve been very clear on Lautaro. We have said that Inter are a big club, they do not have the intention of selling their best players and the same rules apply for Lautaro,” Marotta insisted. 

“If the player does not express his desire to leave, there are no conditions to let him leave,” the Inter CEO concluded. 

“Everyone knows that he has been the subject of attention on the transfer window. He has had an excellent start to the season and he is young, there are many clubs who want to negotiate for him.

“Inter is not a club that tends to sell its players and if he doesn’t show symptoms of wanting to leave we will hand on to him.

A few days earlier, Marotta had claimed that Martinez has not made any demands to the club either about wanting one – and now he added that even if he asked, he would not get it. Looks like that’s that for Barcelona. 

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