Joan Laporta has blamed season-ticket holders for Frankfurt drama

Barcelona were beaten 3-2 by Eintracht Frankfurt and knocked out of Europa League.

The match was played in Camp Nou where the away team were allotted 5000 tickets but over 30000 fans poured into the stadium.

Nearly half of the 79,468 in attendance were Frankfurt fans and apparently, the Barcelona fans sold their tickets.

Club president Joan Laporta has blamed the season-ticket holders for this embarrasment.

“The club is not to blame for what happened against Eintracht, but it is responsible,” Laporta said at a press conference.

“We didn’t sell tickets to German fans beyond the 5,000 away tickets. Sales from Germany weren’t allowed and there were many people trying to buy tickets from there. The system of control worked up to a point, but some organised groups were able to breach the mechanisms in place.

“We inherited the system from the previous board. We thought it could work but we have seen that for special games it doesn’t.

“Tickets will now be non-transferrable for non-domestic matches and high-risk games. We are working on other measures so that it does not happen again.”

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