Jordi Alba discusses lack of opportunities under Xavi

Jordi Alba is no longer Barcelona’s first-choice right-back.

The veteran defender is not happy with his current treatment at Barcelona.

The Catalan giants were trying to sell him to Inter on the deadline day but a move failed to materialise.

Alba is not displeased with Barcelona’s efforts to offload him.

“I can only tell you that my thought has always been to be at Barcelona. I see myself qualified to be here, otherwise I would be the first to leave,” he said at an Adidas event.

“Then the club will look at their interests. I have always shown my commitment to the club, to the coaches… I will never get into the issues of club interests, I can’t tell you more. I’d like to tell you more, but I’m not going to.

“It’s not about whether it seems fair to me or not, the situation is what it is. Everyone acts as they want and, in that sense, I can tell you how I act. I always like to go head-on. Some don’t like it, but I’m like that.

“I think you can always do things better but in football, after everything I’ve seen, I’m not surprised by anything anymore.”

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