Jordi Alba Observed Squad Was Better After Messi Joined In

Jordi Alba commented on how the match went after he played for the entire time.

He observed that the squad was definitely better when Lionel Messi joined in on the pitch at half-time.

“We could gone to the break with a bigger margin in terms of the lead. We have to give a lot of credit to Betis, even with 10 they played very well. I think we could have been very far ahead at half-time if we had taken our chances, but that’s the way football is sometimes,” said Alba.

“We know how important full-backs are for Barca’s play, they have been for many years. We have the freedom to enjoy the attack. Sometimes when you play with teams who defend in numbers you need the full-backs to help. We are better defensively, we are compact as a team. But we have to improve because we are in a league where every team can create problems.

“The quality is there. The entire squad prefers Messi on the pitch because he gives you more options to win. He came on and changed the game. We were a different team with Messi on the pitch.”

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