Jordi Alba reveals Real Madrid player insulted him during El Clasico
© Bildbyrån

This season’s first El Clasico was played on 18 December.

It ended in a disappointing draw of 0-0.

The highly anticipated El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid may have ended in a tame 0-0 draw, but there were certainly plenty of flash points at the Nou Camp. The encounter was marred by protests in Catalonia by separatists, and while the action seemed sheltered inside the Nou Camp stadium, there was no way the players weren’t going to show an equal amount of intensity.

One of the flash points in the game came when Raphael Varane of Real Madrid clashed with Barcelona left back Jordi Alba, and the latter has now revealed some bizarre details about what was said. Alba says that Varane allegedly called him a “rat boy” and that he does not have a “driver’s license” as well. Some interesting and unique insults to say the least.

It is often assumed that Varane is one of the nice guys of the Madrid squad, but these statements from Alba seem to suggest exactly the opposite. Regardless, it does give this rivalry an extra bit of “oomph”.



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