Klopp to leave Liverpool for Barcelona?

Reigned supreme at Dortmund, ruling hearts at Liverpool. Where next for Jurgen Klopp?

The Liverpool champion has shown that he is one of the best in the world and as well all know, in football, one of the best always boils down to making a move to either Barcelona or Real Madrid in our generation. 

So will Klopp make a move to Barcelona?

Forward Liverpool striker Emile Heskey has said that Klopp will not be easily shunned away from Anfield.

“There is always an option that Klopp could leave to join a club like Real Madrid or Barcelona.

“But I don’t think that Klopp is finished with the project that he has started at Liverpool.

“They are moving into a new training facility, they are really getting to where they feel that they can be when it comes to being recognised as an international brand as a football club.

“Klopp has really put them on the map there. I think Klopp still feels like he has a lot to do. So, I don’t think the fans will be overly worried about Klopp leaving.”

At Barcelona, we need a smart coach as Setien is unable to make an impact at the club. Will Klopp be the man?

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