Koeman - Messi and I have plans for Barcelona

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman has expressed his confidence in Messi being on board to help the club.

“At a club like Barca you have to win things. I think our ultimate purpose is to win games and trophies. You get no prizes for finishing fourth, you need to be first,” Koeman said.

“That’s the mentality that this team must have, we can’t settle for anything less. We know that this is a season with a lot of changes, the club are in a difficult financial situation, with issues regarding the players’ salaries.

“This is a very delicate situation for football clubs because of COVID. But Barcelona are still a team that need to win, with the awareness that changes need to be made, but still aspiring to the highest level and making the biggest demands.”

“He trains hard every day. He’s very engaged,” Koeman told Barcelona’s official website on Leo Messi.

Speaking about that worrying time where he had his own heart attack (turned out to be a mild stroke thankfully), he said: “It does make you think about things differently. Perhaps managing Barca became a case of ‘now or never’.”

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