Koeman: Messi is the key to Barcelona success

Lionel Messi has been at Barcelona all his life. 

He is a club legend who has won everything for Catalonia. However, given the club’s abysmal state of football, and Messi being used as a chew toy, the player has been seriously contemplating leaving the club. 

New boss Ronald Koeman does have a different take on the matter though. The former club captain who is now back as a coach has said that Messi holds the key to succees at the club.

“Messi is the number one player in the world, and I would be really happy if he stays. I don’t know if I have to convince him to stay, but we will talk. Messi still has a year left on his contract and as a manager, I would love to have him in the squad.

“Messi is the most important player for the squad. I will talk with him and explain to him what I think about his best role on the pitch under me. I want to create a team that’s attractive to watch again. The ‘8-2’ image needs to get wiped away.”, said the new boss.

“There are certain players who you might have doubts about because of their age. But just because a player is 31 or 32 years old it doesn’t mean he is finished. They must have passion and drive. I only want to work with those kind of players.”

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