Laporta Confident Of Keeping Messi At Barcelona

Barcelona presidential candidate Joan Laporta believes Messi will stay at Barcelona despite a money crunch.

Laporta is confident that although Messi might potentially earn more at another club, the star striker might continue at Camp Nou despite getting paid less.

“We will use all our skills to keep Messi with us,” Laporta told Radio MARCA.

“Leo is not only focused about money. It will be a good economic proposal, but we will not reach what other clubs can offer.

“I have a very good relationship with Leo. He wants Barcelona. I am convinced that he is looking forward to a proposal from the new president.

“It is going to be based mainly on a competitive squad that can win the Champions League. If I make this proposal, I will fulfil it; I am lucky to have Leo’s credibility.

“Now is not the time to talk about Messi, and for that I have to be president.”

“Leo’s case is singular. He would be one of the few players like Pele who has only played for one team,” Laporta said, setting aside Santos legend Pele’s time at the New York Cosmos.

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