Laporta talks Messi, stadium plans and election

Presidential elect Laporta has spoken about Messi staying for new stadium and voted against postponing the election.

He told Goal: “I hope Leo will still be there when we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Barcelona.

“It is not an easy task, because the renovation of the stadium will take at least two years.

“The whole thing around Messi is easier than the stadium. However, it would be great if we could celebrate Barcelona’s 125th birthday together with Messi. That would be a fantastic end to his career.”

The presidential candidate believes he is the right man to convince Messi to stay longer.

“Because I speak the truth. I have the most experience and ambition and in Messi’s eyes I am the most credible presidential candidate. I am proud that Lionel says all the promises I made to him have come true.”

Laporta also refused to postpone the election.

“The club can no longer be without president or board, without leadership. A decision was made and it should be January 24th. There are no objective reasons to postpone or suspend the elections. We have had the same conditions and obstacles as the others ”, said the manager in the presentation of his project.

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